I'M Jason...

I love meeting new people and I truly believe I can make a great photo of anyone. Recently, a customer told me, "I hired you because you didn't have just one kind of person in your portfolio. You had everybody." 

Being able to see yourself in others is a cornerstone of community building; and I'm crazy about community. My studio is my offering to make visible the very real community and relationships that we all have in our lives from the organizations we connect with to the individuals that loom large in our personal lives.

Jason Thompson Foto is a one-man traveling photo studio that grew out of my love for creating images of people and what they care about. My goal each day is to create pictures with the power to make the subject love themselves a bit more and carry that feeling forward in the world.

My photography studies were at The Art Institute of Atlanta and I earned a degree in Film at School of Visual Arts. I live and work in Palm Springs and regularly shoot in Los Angeles as well. Contact me to photograph people, food, and events or anything else you may need!