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St. Valentine's Drive

From the invite, "Be our (dead, crumbling, and largely apocryphal) Valentine! 

February's open house will not only serve as an excuse to sample our entire Lupercalia collection all in one place -- we'll also be gathering hygiene products for those living in L.A.'s homeless encampments, to be handed out by

It's never been easier to help: for every tampon and/or pad donation of $20 value, you'll receive a free 5ml bottle of following exclusive fragrance:


"It would indeed be a difficult matter to find anything which is productive of more marvellous effects than the menstrual discharge. On the approach of a woman in this state, must will become sour, seeds which are touched by her become sterile, grafts wither away, garden plants are parched up, and the fruit will fall from the tree beneath which she sits. Her very look, even, will dim the brightness of mirrors, blunt the edge of steel, and take away the polish from ivory. A swarm of bees, if looked upon by her, will die immediately; brass and iron will instantly become rusty, and emit an offensive odour; while dogs which may have tasted of the matter so discharged are seized with madness, and their bite is venomous and incurable."
-Pliny the Elder

The copper tang of blood musk, swept by a cloud of dying bees and red poppies of madness. also hands out emergency food, water, shelter, and hygiene supplies. Menstrual products are just as essential to maintaining dignity and health for those living on the streets as they are for everyone else."